Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy will help you avoid financial catastrophes if you are diagnosed with a serious, chronic, or terminal illness.

Some of the main benefits are:

 Advance up to 100% of your insurance to be able to continue living your usual standard of living.

 Have a tax-free retirement fund.

 When you die, leave your loved ones a legacy of prosperity and not one with debt and poverty.

Health Insurance

Through my advice on health insurance I guide you to get a low cost coverage, adapted to your needs, income and dependents.

With a health plan you can get: a free annual checkup to prevent future illnesses, coverage in an emergency room or hospitalization, access to specialists, medicines and more.

Estate planning

What legacy are you going to leave once you are gone? Today  you can plan for a heritage of prosperty with tools that allow you to write down your wishes.

Additionally, you will be able to protect your future generations and prevent them from losing what you leave them with so much love

IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance)

These plans allow you to save for the future and protect yourself from unexpected events.

They are a great alternative for accumulating money for your retirement or even leveraging their benefits to make investments that ensure your peace of mind and that of your loved ones.

Accident and Hospitalization Insurance

This type of coverage relieves your financial pressure since it replaces your income with cash for each day of hospitalization, and offers coverage in accidents that cause injuries. It will allow you to focus on what is really important: your health.

International and Travelers Insurance

Ideal for people who want to cover their health outside of the United States, in order to be protected against medical eventualities anywhere in the world, and for people that is not based in the US who want to plan and protect their financial future through a Life policy.

Similarly, travel coverage helps you in the case of traveling abroad and experience unexpected events such as the loss of luggage, a medical emergency, the loss of documents and more.

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