Yasmín Peña

Hello, I am Yasmín Peña, self-made businesswoman and a Health and Life Insurance Advisor in the United States. 

My compromise is to help people to get coverage through financial tools adapted to their needs, that allow them to plan for the future and live a healthy life.

I am the Co-founder of Promise Land Insurance, an agency whose mission is to advise people on protection matters. In this company we have more than 30 experts who will not only provide you with initial assistance but also a permanent support to get the most out of your coverage.

In addition, I am a Top-Producer agent for Enterate Insurance, a company with which I have obtained multiple awards from the most important insurance companies in the country.

I want to help you to live in peace

My story

I was born in Colombia in a family that experienced difficult times after the premature death of our father, which caused my brothers and I to be left in charge of my mother and live in an environment of debt, lack of work and food. It was during my childhood that I learned the value of financial planning as a key to living in peace.

Then I got married and lived with my husband in financial tranquility, although with certain family problems that led me to make the decision to go to the United States with my eldest son while being pregnant with my second child.

Upon my arrival in this country in 1997 I had many difficult manual labor jobs, which I balanced with the motherhood of two small children. However, despite the adversity, we managed to get ahead together with them with dedication, discipline and love, and I was able to create for my children the healthy family environment that I always dreamed of.

It was in 2010 when in company of my brother Martín, I entered the world of Insurance at the hands of Enterate, while also building with him a company named Promise Land Insurance that would allow us to deliver our message to more people, and permanently advise more than 10,000 people.

Up until this date, I am considered the woman who sells the most Insurance in the country and I am a pioneer in Health Insurance with the company Florida Blue.

This is how I found my life purpose of helping others to live in peace to which I dedicate all my energy and passion every day, while also encouraging women to become entrepreneurs so that together, we can show everyone that we can achieve anything.

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