In the exciting universe of sales, the key to success lies not only in the product you offer but in the ability to understand and satisfy the customer’s needs. Have you ever wondered how you can sell more? One of the most effective tips for increasing sales is to change the focus: sales are not about you or your product; it’s about the customer.

The fundamental principle here is to invert the proportion of time spent listening and talking. The 90/10 rule becomes a powerful strategy: allocate 90% of your time to listening to the customer, understanding their desires, challenges, and goals. This process of active listening provides valuable information that allows you to precisely tailor your sales approach.

When it finally comes time to present your product, the customer already feels understood and valued. The remaining 10% dedicated to discussing your offer becomes more convincing because it aligns directly with the previously identified needs. This approach not only creates a deeper connection with the customer but also significantly increases the chances of closing the sale.

Successful sales go beyond a good sales pitch.

It involves a profound understanding of the customer and the ability to offer specific solutions. By adopting this customer-centric philosophy, salespeople can build lasting relationships and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

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